/ Personal Greetings

Personal Greetings allow you to send your personal greetings with handwritten texts and drawings to your friends per video MMS.

Personal Greetings is an application for Android smartphones. The purpose of this app is creating greetings with handwritten text and drawings and sending these to friends per video MMS. On the friends' smartphone appear the texts and drawings as if by magic in the chronological sequence entered by you on your display.

The chief attraction of this app is the animated appearance of the greetings on the display of the addressees: not only a bare greeting card but a video with a greeting emerging on the display.

The background (background colour or any photo), line width and colour are chosen by you.

While writing the greeting by hand or drawing something on the smartphone display, snapshots of the display are recorded 24 times per second. When sending or previewing the greeting all these snapshots are merged to a video. This video may be stored in the archive.

Personal Greetings is running on all smartphones with Android platform 8.0 or higher. This corresponds to Android API level 26 or higher.
Current version of Personal Greetings is 1.2.
Download Personal Greetings from Android market.