/ SOS-App

SOS-App helps you to inform quickly other persons in case of emergency!

Define up to 3 situations (e.g. assault, car crash, medical emergency) and the corresponding activities to be executed by one click.

For each situation you can decide to make a photo and/or to determine your current position and/or to send up to 3 emails (including the position and, if you want, including the photo) and/or to dial up to 3 telephone numbers.

Once you have activated 1, 2 or all situations, you can initiate the execution of the activities by tapping the corresponding situation's button on the display. If you decided to make a photo, the camera app is launched first. Record the photo and all other activities are executed automatically.

That way you can quickly inform other persons in case of emergency and store a photo of an offender at a safe place in case your smartphone is demolished or you are forced to give away your smartphone.