/ UniversalEye

UniversalEye provides interesting tools for car, club and elsewhere!

UniversalEye is an application for Android smartphones. The purpose of this app is providing interesting tools, you can use in car, club or elsewhere or just for fun.

Currently UniversalEye contains 5 tools:

  1. Run a scrolling text on the display of the smartphone. Define the text to be scrolled and how fast to be scrolled. Define the colour of text and background and whether it is scrolled in mirror writing (necessary to enable the man in front to read your text in his driving mirror). When scrolling text is started, first your smartphone flashes twice to call attention then the text scrolls over the display in maximum size and finally smartphone flashes twice. This sequence is repeated until cancelled by you. The flash colour can also be chosen by you. Texts may be stored in an archive to be selected quickly when required.

    Thus you can inform the drivers of other cars, your friends in the club or in crowds of people in cases calls are not possible for lack of number or are of no avail.

  2. Use the camera of your smartphone as black box cam, to record continuously the last minutes. Define the number of minutes to review and whether to record with sound. When recording is started, the specified number of minutes are stored then previously stored sequences are overwritten in turn. Occasionally you can stop and restart recording and/or store it permanently to avoid overwriting.

    Thus in case of a car crash or other conflict you can provide evidence.

  3. Play back the black box cam recordings. Select an entry in the list with the current recording and all permanently stored recordings, to be played, deleted or copied. While playing back, the date and time of the beginning of the recording can be shown.

  4. Use your smartphone to produce several lighting effects such as torch or stroboscope. Define the duration of the flash and the time between 2 flashes, the colour of the flash and the background between the flashes. Setting the flash duration to permanent turns the smartphone to a torch. The brightness of the display is maximized automatically.

    Thus your smartphone is either a torch with any colour or a flashlight with constant periods (e.g. a beacon or a stroboscope to visualize vibrations).

  5. Display the live cam image false coloured on the smartphone. You can choose between grey scale, black-white, with changed fundamental colours or with a filtered colour. Additionally you can request inverse colours.
    Since each colour is composed of the 3 fundamental colours red, green and blue, you can change each of these fundamental colours. You can blank or maximize it or add it to one of the other fundamental colours or interchange it.
    To filter a colour, choose the colour to be filtered and the fuzziness of the filter and define the colour black or white for the pixels retained by the filter. This way only pixels with the filter colour are shown on the display, the background is black or white.
    False colour representation in real time needs smartphones with high processor power.

    Thus you can bring out e.g. an object with a predefined colour in a confusing environment.

UniversalEye is running on all smartphones with Android platform 8.0 or higher. This corresponds to Android API level 26 or higher.
Current version of UniversalEye is 1.3.
Download UniversalEye from Android market.