/ Introduction


is an application for Android smartphones. The purpose of this app is to inform other persons in case of emergency. You can inform by email and you can call others by phone. Since in most emergency cases a quick intuitive reaction is necessary, you can configure all addresses and texts previously.

Additionally you can decide to make a photo in an emergency and to send it to other persons by email. That way you can store the photo at a save place and avoid to lose the photo in case it is taken away by an offender.

if your smartphone is able to localize your position you can decide to send your position by email. In this case you can determine how long SOS-App will wait for fixing the position.

You can define up to 3 different emergency situations. Launch the SOS-App on your smartphone. The procedure for the definition of a situation is

  1. Give the situation a name. This name is used as name of the activation button for this situation and as subject for the emails to be sent in this situation.
  2. Mark the MAKE A PHOTO box if you want to make a photo. If you make more than one photo, only the last photo is sent by email.
  3. Mark the SEND MY POSITION box if you want to send your position by email. In this case you have to set the timeout for waiting for the fix. Enter the number of seconds to wait in the WAIT FOR field. If the position cannot be fixed within this time interval, no position is sent. A value of 0 means: wait until the position is fixed. We don't recommend this, since it could delay sending emails indefinitely.
  4. Enter up to 3 emailaddresses and the corresponding texts. The subject of the email is filled with the name of the situation. If SEND MY POSITION is checked and the position can be fixed within the timeout period, the lattitude/longitude and the accuracy of the position in meters (if delivered by your smartphone) is appended automatically to the subject. Emails with empty text bodies are also sent.
    If you mark the WITH PHOTO box right to the email address field and if the MAKE A PHOTO box is checked (see 2.) the (last) photo is appended to the email.
    You can tap the "C" button in front of the email address field to call your contacts to select a email address from the contacts list. But not all contact apps deliver a list with the email address contacts. If this feature is not supported you are informed.
  5. Enter up to 3 phone numbers. They are dialed in sequence. In the current version of the Android platform the SOS application cannot differentiate between a ringing call status and the call status "connected". Therefore no matter what the reason is for the end of the call, the next number will be dialed.
    You can tap the "C" button in front of the phone number field to call your contacts to select a phone number from the contacts list.

Repeat step 1 to 6 to define up to 3 emergency situation. To use the situations you have to activate the situations. You have not to activate all defined situations. Activate whichever and how much situations you want. You see the activated situations on the display in different colours with their names. The activated situations fill the whole display. Tapping the coloured array of the situation on the display initiates the execution of the activities of the corresponding situation. The activities are executed in ascending order 1 to 6 (see above). If the MAKE A PHOTO is checked the camera app is launched first. Make your photo, store it and finish the camera app, if necessary. the other activities will executed automatically.

During the execution of the activities, all activated situations are greyed on the display and cannot be initiated until the running situation is finished. When finished all activated situations are displayed in their colours and can be initiated again. You are notified of the result of the executed activities.

To interrupt and cancel an initiated and running situation, press MENU in the SOS-App and choose DEACTIVATE ALL. All situations are deactivated and the runnung situation is stopped and finished.

SOS-App is running on all smartphones with Android platform 9 or higher. This corresponds to Android API level 28 or higher.
Current version of SOS-App is 1.11.
Download SOS-App from Android market.