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SOS-Apps help you in emergency cases!

Radioactivity-Meter measures and indicates the current radioactivity!

Use your smartphone to measure the radioactive radiation in your environment. The app uses the noise induced by the radioactive radiation in the smartphone's hardware to detect and quantify the radioactivity.

First calibrate the radioactivity-meter for your smartphone-hardware:
Fix the zero point where no radioactivity is caught by the smartphone. The temperature during this fixing must be the lowest temperature of all future measurements.
Then measure the radioactivity at a place, where the current radioactivity is known and assign this known value and its unit to the value, measured by your smartphone to establish a relation between the internal hardware-dependent values of the smartphone and the real absolute quantity of radioactivity. From then on your radioactivity-meter is able to indicate the current radioactivity.

That way you can use your smartphone to determine at least the tendency for the changes of the radioactivity radiation.

SOS-App helps you to inform quickly other persons in case of emergency!

Define up to 3 situations (e.g. assault, car crash, medical emergency) and the corresponding activities to be executed by one click.

For each situation you can decide to make a photo and/or to determine your current position and/or to send up to 3 emails (including the position and, if you want, including the photo) and/or to dial up to 3 telephone numbers.

Once you have activated 1, 2 or all situations, you can initiate the execution of the activities by tapping the corresponding situation's button on the display. If you decided to make a photo, the camera app is launched first. Record the photo and all other activities are executed automatically.

That way you can quickly inform other persons in case of emergency and store a photo of an offender at a safe place in case your smartphone is demolished or you are forced to give away your smartphone.

UniversalEye provides interesting tools for car, club and elsewhere!

Tell others by scrolling text on the display of the smartphone whatever is on your mind, e.g. the driver in the car before or behind you, in the club or crowds of people. In order to enable the man in front to read your text in his driving mirror, the text can be scrolled in mirror writing.

Record continuously the last minutes by cam. This may be particularly useful in a car for cases of lack of evidence. Of course you can also play the video and store it permanently.

Use your smartphone as torch, red light or as stroboscope, to visualize vibrations or rotations. You can define miscellaneous light effects.

View the live cam video in a false colour representation. E.g. filter the live image by the colour of an object you are looking for and suppress all other colours. Thus the missing object catches your eye immediately. UniversalEye provides miscellaneous false colour representations.

Personal Greetings allow you to send your personal greetings with handwritten texts and drawings to your friends per video MMS.

Brand-new, cool, thrillingly: Send your personal greetings with handwritten texts and drawings to your friends per video MMS. On the smartphone of your friends appear your texts and drawings as if by magic in the chronological sequence entered by you on your display.

With My Skat Pad recording of skat games is a breeze regardless of according to the official skat rule or playing saloon-bar variations like Bock and Ramsch etc.!

Select 3 or 4 player for Skat.

Modify the settings for game protocol according to the official rule or for special games like Bock and Ramsch or with Contra and Re etc.

All games are logged in a list and you can undo the last game in case of false input.

You can export the list in a file, to edit and evaluate the list on the PC with a spread sheet program.

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